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Friday, 24 June 2022

Gifts You Can Send to Show a Family Member You Care

Throughout history, giving flowers as a gift has been regarded as a token of love or affection, empathy, and remembrance. Knowing what flowers to give can make a big impact and tell the recipient the giver's feelings toward them. It is not enough to just pop to the garage and pick up a bunch; it takes a little thought.

How to pick that perfect bunch or single bloom?

Now comes a quest to find the perfect bunch of flowers or perhaps buy just one single bloom. The emotion conveyed in giving one red rose with a box of chocolates to that special someone is amazing.

Choosing the correct flower or flowers to make the impression wanted is important. What emotion is to be conveyed? This needs consideration if you really want to please. It would be best if you also considered what the occasion is, be it a birthday, anniversary or even a funeral. Choosing the best flower for the occasion is important. Do not be afraid to throw caution to the wind; if that special someone in the family has a specific favourite colour, then use that, combine it with another complimenting colour. Ask the florist; their years of experience will help.

The perfect gift for any occasion

Combining a flowers and chocolate delivery to a partner can be magical, especially if there is no occasion, so it is a surprise. Red roses are well known as the flower of romance, but what of the other colours?

Pink roses say ‘thank you’ and ‘congratulations.’ They can also express sympathy and joy, so a nice allrounder. How about placing a few pink roses in with a dozen red roses? The white rose traditionally represents purity, innocence, and loyalty.

Tulips are available in many vibrant colours, making them one of the most recognised flowers in the world. The crimson tulip is synonymous with love, so it is a nice alternative to the red rose. While the white tulip can say ‘I am sorry’ or ‘I forgive you.’

To be a little more exotic, why not go for orchids. Their delicate elegance and beauty have pleased recipients for years. Pink orchids represent femininity and grace, while white orchids show purity and innocence.

Lilies can show many different emotions like femininity, love, purity, and grief. The humble daisy may seem insignificant, but it has long been associated with loyalty.

Marigolds and camellias are yet another way to show someone they are appreciated and say thanks.

Final Thoughts

The flower shape and the delicacy of a flower can make it the perfect gift. Combine that with a colour, and the perfect flower gift is there, ready and waiting. On the next occasion to send a gift, to a family member, consider flowers as an alternative to the normal gifts. Make it interesting, make it special, and above all, make it personal. If you want to show your family member that you care, then sending flowers is one of the best ways to do this.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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Gifts You Can Send to Show a Family Member You Care


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