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Thursday 22 June 2023

Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing is a popular pastime for many children looking to develop their language skills, writing and literacy. It’s a good way to help children learn more about themselves and how they can use writing to develop their own opinions and thought processes. To help your child with their creative writing skills, here are some top tips from this girls school in London.

Encourage your child to write about what they enjoy

Get your child to write about what makes them smile. It’s a good way of helping them learn about themselves, as well as something easy to write about if they are passionate about it. Ask them what your child loves about particular hobbies they have, and what they do when they take part in these various activities. Let them feel like they can write about whatever comes to mind, to allow them to feel more comfortable and happy as they pick up a pen.

Use word games

Developing a child’s vocabulary can also encourage children to write more creatively and with a creative mind. Set up games to test their word skills each week, so that they are learning a few new words over the month. Ensure you use these words in different contexts where possible, so that you can help your child learn to use them not just in the context of writing.

Keep up the reading

Reading will also help your child learn to be better equipped in writing with a creative mind. It means that your child can see the progress in what they’re learning about as well, as they slowly build up their skills in word development. Many different genres are worth picking up with your child as well, so that they can get to grips with other stories, characters and find a niche that they enjoy.

Creative writing should feel free and fun, but it can be tough to help your child get started. Luckily there are many ways to help children feel more connected with their writing skills that can see them through successful development of their literacy skills.

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