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Thursday 10 August 2023

5 Activities to Help Your Child's Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is a term you may have come across before in exploring child development. It refers to how children learn, explore and figure things out by themselves. They do this by using their senses, the information they are presented with and experimenting. Parents who help their children with these aspects from an early age can set them up for success at school. To learn about how you can promote your child’s cognitive development, below is some guidance from a pre school in Cheltenham.

Image of young children engaging in various learning activities, from assembling jigsaw puzzles to exploring objects in nature. The post discusses strategies to promote cognitive development in preschool-aged children


Puzzles allow children the opportunity to work on a multitude of skills, such as creativity and problem solving, and can therefore help young children improve leaps and bounds in their cognitive development.

Ask Questions

Also try asking your child questions to encourage them to think and work out why we do the things that we do day to day, such as walking down the stairs slowly. This will help with both their problem solving and developing an understanding of their surroundings.

Name What You See

With younger children, work on building their dictionary and their understanding of the wider world. You can do this by naming what you see around you at home and in different environments, such as the garden, park etc.

Identify Shapes

You can also do the same with shapes you see. Pick up objects, label what shape they are and encourage them to find similar shaped objects such as circular and square items.

Hands On Learning Activities

Hands-on experience is important for cognitive development so you should try where possible to give your child the chance to experience what they are learning about. For example, you might take them to a farmers’ market or museum.

Many of these activities will be explored at nursery and starting them early can give your child the best start to school life.

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