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Friday 11 August 2023

Tips for Supporting Your Child with their Home Learning

Parents choose to take the home-schooling route for a number of reasons, whether cultural or the focused one-to-one approach. However, it can be challenging to enforce which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the best online schools in the UK to share tips for supporting children with their home learning.

Parent and child engaged in homeschooling with online resources, emphasizing the importance of routine, choosing the right online platform, flexibility, exercise, and social interaction for a balanced education at home.

Maintain Routine

One piece of advice we have for parents is to keep to a set routine. Children thrive from structure, and it gives them a sense of normality. With their education it ensures that they are up to speed and can make continued progress as regular practice is key for improvement. 

Choose Wisely

Parents who aren’t so confident teaching can also take the home-schooling route, given that they have an internet connection and the relevant equipment. Online schools provide children high quality education and class support, except from home. However, they are not all made equal and there are some better than others, so we recommend doing your research before choosing an online learning platform. 

Make Use of The Flexibility

Another tip is to make use of the flexibility you have. As your child is not in formal education, you have complete control over the trips they go on. You can provide your child a plethora of educational activities and help them learn according to their unique learning style.

Fit Time in for Exercise

Exercise is important for both physical and mental health. It also provides the brain oxygen and can give children a well needed break from being sat at their desk for a prolonged period of time.

Social Interaction

A lack of social interaction is something that concerns parents when they think of home schooling, however, it is something easily made possible through finding a study buddy, online forums or an online school that prioritises contact and student support.

The key takeaway here is to make sure that there are systems in place for good teaching and to also ensure that children have the opportunity to experience school life as they would do at school.

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