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Sunday 10 September 2023

4 Self-Care Tips for Busy Parents

Finding time for self-care when you’re running around after little ones can seem like an impossible challenge, between chasing toddlers to ferrying older kids to school and activities – your self-care can seem like a treat of the past. And, if you work full time as well, you probably think it’s impossible.

However, if you’re a busy parent who is desperate to start taking better care of themselves, then check out these top four fantastic tips to help you get started!

1) Make Time for You

You should never feel guilty for making time for your own needs. One of the biggest reasons that we set self-care aside is because we feel like we need to put our whole lives on hold to look after our kids.

But this isn’t the case. You don’t stop being you just because you become a parent.

Make a conscious effort to set aside time for your own self-care; when you can improve your overall well being, it might even make you a better parent!

2) Pamper Yourself

Self-care doesn’t have to involve big changes from day one, you can start small by taking some time out to pamper yourself.

Whether this means going for a massage or simply getting your hair done, taking that time out can make all the difference.

And, if you need to start even smaller ­– from the comfort of your own home – then taking a long soak in the bath could do you the world of good. Brands such as Lush offer a wide range of handmade bath bombs to give you the bubble bath that you’ve been dreaming of.

3) Invest in Your Sleep

Getting more sleep as a parent can seem impossible, whether it’s a new baby waking up in the night, or a toddler who wants to get up early to watch their favourite kids show.

However, sleep is one of the best things you can do to start looking after yourself more. Luckily, there are bedroom changes that you can make to ensure sleep is as easy as possible.

An uncomfortable mattress can cause you all sorts of problems, but experts such as Archers Sleep have a wide selection of quality double mattresses that can help you to get a better night’s sleep. If you’re not sure what model will suit you best, consult with their team to find the perfect choice for you!

4) Carve Out Quiet Time

If your house is anything but a relaxing retreat, then consider taking the time to carve out moments of quiet.

Whether this is after the children are in bed, or during their evening routine, aim to get that peace and quiet that you need.

Techniques such as mindfulness are a great way for you to develop a better understanding of what your mind and body need, so consider introducing this art of living in the moment into your daily routine.

Are you a busy parent who has reintroduced self-care to their daily life? Share your secret to success in the comments below!

K Elizabeth xoxox

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