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Tuesday 5 December 2023

10 Hotel Room Luxuries You Deserve In Your Bedroom

What if you could recreate the experience of a five star hotel room in your bedroom? With a few improvements, it could be possible. By doing this, you could guarantee a much better quality sleep. Getting up in the morning could also be a much more relaxing and cheerful experience, helping you to kick off the day to a great start.

Below are just some of the different luxury hotel room features that could be worth incorporating into your bedroom. 

A decent mattress

A good quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make in your bedroom. It could help you sleep so much better, making you more energised to take on each day. While mattresses come in many different levels of firmness, research has shown that a medium firm mattress is the most favoured option - and hence it's the type of mattress most commonly found in hotels. The likes of Premier Inn use a very specific mattress, which you can read more about here. Make sure to always test out a mattress in a mattress store before you buy it to ensure that it’s the right level of comfort for you. Mattress store staff can also help you to seek out mattresses for specialist needs such as orthopaedic mattresses, hypoallergenic mattresses or mattresses for those who sweat a lot at night.

Goose down pillows

A hotel quality mattress is a good start, but what about hotel quality pillows? While the types of pillow used in hotels can vary, the most common type of pillow used in top end hotels is down and feather pillows. Goose down pillows are often seen as the most luxurious option due to their superior fluffiness and ability to stay at the perfect temperature, but they can come at a relatively high price. Duck down pillows are cheaper, and are used by more hotels. The likes of Marriott also supplies luxurious synthetic down pillows for those with feather allergies - if you have a feather allergy yourself, it could be worth looking into these pillows.

A headboard

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, this could be another hotel quality upgrade worth looking into. Headboards can prevent you hitting your head against the wall in the night, and can also provide comfortable back support for sitting up in bed. Some beds already have headboards fitted. Alternatively, you can buy a bed without a headboard and instead get a headboard fitted directly to the wall that the bed is propped against. Cushioned headboards as manufactured by companies like Dunelm are some of the cosiest options - ideal for leaning back against while watching TV or reading. .

A wall mounted TV

While some of us prefer to keep our bedrooms screen-free, a lot of us enjoy being able to watch TV from our bed - whether it’s movies at night or the news in the morning. Hotels typically contain a wall mounted TV directly opposite the bed. Having the TV placed high up on a wall makes sense in a bedroom, as it allows you to watch it while lying down without having to crane your neck too much. Try to choose a TV that is the right size for the room - bigger is not always better in a small bedroom. This post explains exactly how to mount a TV on a wall.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can help to block out all the outside light while you sleep - including street lighting, car headlights and the morning sun. Unless you’re afraid of the dark, a pitch black bedroom is likely to lead to a much better quality sleep. Blackout blinds are an alternative option, however most hotels use curtains as they tend to give off a greater sense of comfort. Some blackout curtains also provide thermal insulation, helping to trap in heat in winter. Others are lighter to provide greater insulation, making them better suited to the summer months. It could be worth also hanging up some voile curtains - these are designed to let the light in, while still providing privacy, and look prettier than net curtains.

Reading sconce lights

Some hotels have lights directly fitted to the wall above the bed. These may be used alongside or instead of bedside cabinet lamps, and can provide a better light when reading (a must-have feature if you like a book in bed). Such lights are known as sconces and come in many different styles. These lights could be operated by switches on the fixtures themselves, or switches on a more accessible area of the wall so that you don’t have to get up to turn them on and off. It’s even possible to install smart bedroom lighting that you can control with your phone. Always hire an electrician when installing these lights.

A coffee/tea station

No great hotel room is complete without a coffee/tea station. Rather than having to venture into the kitchen to make your morning coffee, why not set up a coffee station directly next to your bed for easy access? This could allow you to enjoy your morning brew from the comfort of your bed. Most hotel rooms have a kettle and a small selection of teabags and instant coffee sachets. With a home coffee/tea station, you get to customise it to suit your personal preferences. You could go all out and buy an espresso machine. Alternatively, you may find that a kettle is all you need. As for coffee and teabags, you could stock up on your favourite blends or provide a selection of different options to choose from to add some variety.

A mini-fridge

A mini-fridge is another hotel luxury that could be perfect for your bedroom. Mini-fridges are useful for storing milk for making tea or coffee. However, you could also use them to store other foods and drinks like bottled water, orange juice or even alcoholic drinks. This fridge could be placed underneath your coffee/tea station for convenient access. You can explore different styles of mini fridge online including mini fridges with glass doors and even mini fridges with in-built ice machines.


Soft towel bathrobes could be another luxurious feature to add to your bedroom. These could be hung on your bedroom door for you to easily slip on in the morning. The softest bathrobes are typically made from materials like Turkish cotton. You can explore a variety of different bathrobes here at this bathrobe guide. Bear in mind that you can also buy custom bath robes that contain names or initials (customised couple’s bathrobes could be a great gift for you and your partner).

An en suite bathroom

This is one of the most luxurious features that any bedroom can have. It’s also one of the most expensive and tricky features to incorporate into your home. If your bedroom is very large, you may be able to convert some of the space into a bathroom. If you’ve got a small bedroom, you’ll need to borrow space from another room or build an extension. For those who can afford to add an en suite bathroom, it could have many benefits - giving you your own private bathroom to use when others are busy and allowing you quick access to the toilet in the night. If you’re going to build an en suite bathroom, you may as well splash out on something luxurious. Top-end hotel bathrooms typically contain luxurious features such as walk-in showers with dual shower heads, heated towel racks, underfloor heatings and stylish sink basins with waterfall taps. If you’ve got the space, you could even add a freestanding slipper bathtub.

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