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Friday, 18 May 2012

What's in my Hospital Bag?

Well its not long now till D Day, and last week I packed my Hospital bag so I am ready and rearing to go! I have actually got two bags, one for me and one for Baby B.

The one on the left (dark purpley spotty one) is mine and the one on the right is Baby B's changing bag. My Hospital bag was a bargain at £5 from a local show shop in Norwich and Baby B's I got from Kiddicare warehouse (I can't see it available online) and is by Rosebud London and is the Messenger bag "Family Tree" and was £45. I will do a review of this product once I have had some use out of it!

So what is in the Bags...

In my bag there is...

6 Black "granny" panties from Primark 
Maternity pads from Kiddicare 
Two Nightshirts (one for labour one for after) from Primark
Bikini (I hope for a water birth) 
Two old t-shirts
Going home outfit for me, leggings, long top and cardigan.
Nursing Bra
Nipple Cream
Breast Pads
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Shampoo and Conditioner and Dry Shampoo
Body Spray
Shower Gel
Face Wipes
Lip Balm
Phone Charger
I also need to add my make up and maternity notes.

In Baby B's bag

Nappies x10
Three Newborn Size Vests
Three 0-3 Size Vests
Going Home Outfit 
Two Muslin Squares
Swaddle Me Blanket
Scratch Mittens
Cotton Wool
Two Dummies

I will make sure when I write my birth story I will include what I used from my bag and what perhaps I missed! I do also plan to add food and drink to my bag, but have not been food shopping yet!! I hope this is helpful, as I was really struggling as to what to pack! If anyone has any other ideas please let me know in the comments!

Mummy B xoxox
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