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Monday, 21 May 2012

Haul 19th May 2012

Hi readers, so on Saturday me and Jamie went into Norwich to do a spot of shopping, and we came back with quite a few things for Baby B which I thought I would share with you. When I left work for maternity leave I was given a £90 gift voucher and so we thought we would buy some bits a bobs for baby!

First stop was at M&Co, Its a shop that I don't honestly ever go in, but my Mum said that they used to do lovely kiddies clothing so I thought I would go take a peak. And, as ever, my Mum was right (Mummys know best, don't ya know?!), I got the Butterfly T-shirt, Coral Jeggings, Butterfly Jacket, Summer Dress and Linen Trousers and Set of Three Colorful Tops all for about £40. I'm in love  with them, I'm a sucker for summer brights like Coral. 

Next we went to Boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer on across all baby products (this offer ends on the 27th May 2012, but I know they do this quite a few times a year). I spent ages looking at the clothes, I love their range, but Baby B has lots of clothes so I just got a set of three vests and a short sleeve suit. I also then saw the bath seat and realised I hadn't got anything for bath time for baby (not even a baby bath!!) I thought that this seat would be perfect as it supports baby and allows you to be able to bathe baby without worrying!

Lastly on the Baby shopping spree, we popped into Mothercare, I was on a mission to find a nursing bra, and Mothercare had some really nice comfy looking ones (without looking to blah) I got a set of two for £32 which wasn't bad, they did have some cheaper ones which I would of gone for, but they didn't have my size! Once I had sorted the Bra situation out, we went hunting for a toy for Baby B's Pushchair (Quinny Buzz3) and we found a nice red buggy thing! There was tons of lovely toys we could of got, but having a red pushchair we couldn't have any clashing colour's! (hehe) Lastly when we were queuing for the till, I saw a basic set with Hat, Scratch Mits, Bibs, Vest and Sleep suit. It was nice and cheap and thought why not!

Mummy B xoxox

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