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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Week 38 Update

Didn't feel like a bump photo this week, but here is my fur baby Lady

It has been a strange week, I have in myself felt pretty good, albeit tired but from my latest Midwife appointment there maybe some issues. Safe to say I'm now worrying like mad! Please continue to read to find out more...

Weeks: 38

Total weight gain: I have no idea... I still refuse to jump on them scales... might as well wait till after the birth of my baby girl to see what I have got left to tackle!!!

My body:Still no real stretch marks worth writing about, so have been quite lucky. At my 38 week Midwife appointment some issues did arrise, my blood pressure has gone a little bit high and baby has not grown for two weeks and is still measuring at 35 weeks. As you can imagine the alarm bells started to ring in my head! I'm due another midwife visit tomorrow to check my blood pressure and then next Friday (8th June- two days before my due date) I have been scheduled for a growth scan. So for now I'm left waiting and worrying if baby is ok, I'm sure it is otherwise I would have been taken up alot sooner, but my Midwife did say, depending on what they find they may induce me early or at least wont let me go over 7 days instead of the usual 14. 

Maternity clothes: Nothing new to report, no point buying anything now!

Cravings: Fruit, cant get enough of it in this hot weather!

Baby items bought/received:See my latest haul post. 

Things to look forward to: I guess the 8th of June, and hopefully the scan will come back fine!

Worries: As you can see from this update alot! Worrying whether there is something wrong with baby, or the placenta or cord. But I'm trying my hardest not to worry as I'm sure that is no good for my blood pressure! 

Mummy B xoxox

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