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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Week 36 Update

So my last update was at 31 weeks, and I had promised to upload weekly updates.... Well pregnancy came and bit me in the butt!!! I have been quite ill over the last couple of weeks and haven't felt like blogging.... please forgive me!!!  But I'm feeling a million times better AND I have finished work so now on maternity leave - I have no excuses whatsoever not to blog!! So expect lots of new posts over the next few weeks!

Anyway less of my excuses and here is my week 36 update!

Weeks: 36

Total weight gain: I have no idea... I still refuse to jump on them scales... might as well wait till after the birth of my baby girl to see what I have got left to tackle!!!

My body: I seem to have got a couple of stretchmarks on my hips, but nothing horrendous! Though still have 3 and a half weeks to go... Been suffering with indigestion and heart burn over the last three weeks also, which is not pleasant but hey comes with the territory! 

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, other than I have bought some rather attractive 'granny panties' and nighties for my hospital bag (I have scheduled a 'whats in my hospital bag' post soon- so watch this space!)

Cravings: Eating lots of chocolate again!!

Baby items bought/received: Because I have not updated in a while I actually bought and received lots over the last few weeks. I had my Baby Shower on the 29th April 2012, and will do a separate post on that lovely event, and share some of the wonderful things friends and family gave us. I also took a trip with my other half and best friend to the Kiddicare warehouse which again I will do a separate post on, as I went a bit mad!  It was my last day at work on Friday 11th May and my wonderful  colleagues got me some gorgeous flowers, a Baby Record Book and a £90 gift voucher (one of those where you can spend it at numerous places!), I was very taken aback by their kindness!!

Things to look forward to: This weekend me and my other half Jamie are planning a nice day out in Norwich, shopping and maybe dinner also :) Next week I'm also getting my hair done to make me feel a little bit more glam- need to pamper yourself when you get to this stage ladies!!

Worries: That my waters break in public and I'm on my own!! I would love to hear if any of you have had interesting stories about your waters breaking....

Mummy B xoxox

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