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Sunday, 5 August 2012

July Loves

This will be a monthly post just to chat about things I have been loving during the month, so lets jump into everything...

Jewellery: I'm loving being able to wear my rings again! Towards the end of my pregnancy my hands did swell slightly, not too much but enough to make wearing my rings uncomfortable so its been lovely to be able to wear them again. The ring I have found myself wearing alot this month is a ring my mum got me for my 18th - see pics below, which is nice and dainty and quite classic piece.

Make up: I'm loving the Loreal caresse lipsticks in particular Nude Ingenue 501, its a gorgeous nude colour and I have worn this every day with out fail! Its great for everyday and makes my lips feel so soft, that I have not needed to use any lip balm at all! I will, without a doubt, be making a few more purchases from this line!

Nails: I have been loving glitter polishes recently and grabbed a couple from Superdrug the other day, one I have been particularly loving is Barry M's Sliver Multi Glitter 338 its amazing and its a glitter that does not need any other colour underneath its just pure glitter loveliness!

Baby Related Products: Me and Jamie recently perchased Darcie a play-mat and she has been loving it! I love to see her get so excited!! The one we have is from Mothercare and is in a gorgeous pink and blue pattern and cost £35.

Things I Have Loved To Do:  Watch the Olympics!! I have gotten so into it this year, probably because it is in London, BUT I have really loved it, even watching sports I'm not usually keen on like rowing! GO TEAM GB!

What's your monthly favs?

Mummy B xoxox


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