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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Darcie 12 Week Update

So Darcie is coming up to 12 weeks old on Saturday... How time flies!

Are little family has really settled into a nice routine, it has taken us a while to get one established as Jamie has awful shift patterns! Having this established routine I think is key, Darcie is such a good baby I have nothing to complain about, the only time she has been at all grumpy has been when its been extremely hot... but then again who isn't a little bit grumpy in horrible hot muggy weather?! 

(Chilling in the garden)

Darcie has come a long way since my last update, its amazing to watch her develop. So at 12 weeks this is a little summary as to where Darcie is...

*Is sitting up really well aided*

*If she is propped up on some pillows she will try and pull herself up so she can sit properly*

*She reaches out on grabs toys, She loves her mirrored toys... vain child!*

*She tries to put everything she grabs in her mouth... she usually fails though bless her!*

*She will really "chat" to you now, with full on facial expressions to match... she always has such intense stories to tell!!!*

*She tries to hold her bottle*

*She has moved on to size two teats*

*She is in size three nappies*

*At her last weigh in (just over a week ago) she weighed 12lb 15oz*

*During a feed she will normally have between 6-7oz about 5 times a day... sometimes she will have an extra feed but it will only be about 4oz... piggy*

(Summer evening down the pub!)

Darcie is still showing all the symptoms of teething, she is so dribberly! To be fair to her she hasn't moaned much about it, sometimes when she has a feed she will cry a little but as soon as I put her teething gel on (I use Dentinox) she is fine.

(Me and Darcie, look at those cheeks)

(Darcie and her Uncle Jack)

I don't think it will be long before we start weaning her, they recommend you wait till six months, but I highly doubt she will stay contented for that long!

(Daddy and Darcie watching Norwich FC...)

All in all she is such a happy baby, she really is mine and Jamie's world. 

(Darcie having a good old chomp!)

Mummy B xoxox

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