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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Why do people think its acceptable to comment on your weight whilst your pregnant?!?!

This is something that really did annoy me whilst I was pregnant, but I have to admit before I was pregnant I used to say to my pregnant friends "wow your huge!!"! I always thought that this was complementary, however since going through pregnancy I now see it is very very wrong to comment on size!!!

Once I had past 24 weeks in my pregnancy it became apparent to me that my bump was very small, and secretly I was very concerned about this. At this point not many people commented. But when I got to 30 weeks and I was very tiny, a few people did begin to comment on the size of my bump, I had these comments from various people, some friends, some complete strangers...

"how far gone are you?.... WOW seriously?!"

"how far gone are you?... I think your dates must be wrong"

"Your very small, are you sure your eating enough... You sure your eating the right type of foods?" (this one shocked me the most, so disgusting that anyone would say this!!!)

"Nice small bump... That baby will fly out!"

Now your probably thinking that there not too bad. But let me assure you when ever anyone comments on the size of your bump whether it be because you showing smaller or bigger than "average" these comments really do strike fear into mothers. My fear was that something was wrong, and perhaps I had done something wrong in my pregnancy.

I did have medical reasons for my small bump (reduced waters resulting in an early induction), and so these comments where neither helpful or sympathetic.

So for anyone who is reading this who is yet to experience pregnancy, please just think about this and think before you speak, you wouldn't comment on someone's size when they are not pregnant (well you may, but that would truly be awful!!) so don't do it when they are!!!

I hope this doesn't come across as a ranty post, but it's something I was guilty of before my pregnancy and I think it's something that's not really discussed in this way!

What do you think, did you ever get comments on your bump? How did you feel??

Mummy B xoxox

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