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Friday, 31 August 2012

DIY Clay Hand Printing

Treasuring you little ones tinsy tiny hands and toes can become expensive if you choose to buy a moulding kit or a clay kit, however it doesn't have to be.

After trying (and failing) many different DIY clay recipes I have finally found one that actually works!!!

Over the last four weeks I have been scouring pinterest for the perfect recipe and tried numerous ones, the one I have found that works the best is as follows....


1 cup of Salt
1 cup of Water
1/2 cup of Cornflour (You will need more to hand at the kneeding stage)
1/4 cup of Cold Water


1) Heat the salt and the one cup of water into a pan for about three-four mins.

2) Add the Cornflour and 1/4 of cold water to the mixture and mix.

3) Then transfer into a mixing bowl and continue to mix.

4) Leave the mixture to cool for 20 mins (I learned the hard way... ouch!)

5)Once mixture is cool enough to handle start to kneed, adding more cornflour as you go so it doesn't keep sticking (I added quite a bit)- It will be quite sticky to begin with but just keep adding more cornflour and you will eventually get there!!

5) Then form the clay into a nice flat circle (or any shape you fancy really!) and place babys hand in the middle and press - I found this easiest to do when Darcie napped otherwise you may find that they scrunch up their hands.

6) Next you can punch a hole near the top so once it has harden you can thread string/ribbon through and hang (May be a nice 1st Christmas tree decoration)

7) Then leave to set, I left mine on a window to set and in set after three days (a long time I know but its better than any oven clay recipe you may find).

8) Finally you could decorate the piece perhaps adding babys name and age 

I hope you find this useful it took me absolutely ages to find one that would work for me!!!

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