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Saturday, 2 March 2013

9 Month Update

Darcie is 9 months old... I will be soon packing her off to school!! 

Over the last few weeks Darcie has changed so much and is becoming more and more independent! Here is a list of updated things that Darcie B can do at the grand old age of 9 months..

Dance - She head bangs and shakes her body, its quite cute, though slightly odd!

"Army" style crawling - I did honestly think she would skip this, but it would appear she has worked out the army style version of crawling, Go Darcie!

Walking - Holding onto things, she has been doing this for quite a few weeks, but has started letting go of my hands, trying to stand un-aided (which she can do for about 5-10 secs lol) and walk just holding one hand, my little daredevil.

Starting to understand no- But tries to be cheeky and is testing her boundaries!

Words - I am pretty sure she has said quite a few words, "Mumma" she always says when she is sad or upset, "Dadda" when she is happy. I'm pretty sure she keeps saying "dog" but sounds more like GOG and only ever says it around Lady. She also keeps making a sound like "oh dear" she even does this thing with her hands like I do when I say "oh dear".

All these things may seem so little and insignificant but with every new little thing she learns makes my heart want to burst with pride. I still find it hard sometimes to believe me and Jamie have been blessed with such a beautiful, loving and extraordinary being.

What We Did Today
Today me and Darcie spent the day with my Dad and Step Mum Sarah (Jamie had work) and had breakfast at High Lodge followed by a walk around the woods....

Within the woods at High Lodge, there is a sound trail which is lots of fun, can't wait for Darcie to be able to join in!!

Love you Darcie B, you truly are remarkable.

Mummy B xoxox



  1. Oh she is s cute xx

    1. Thank you, I think so though I'm slightly biased ;) xxx


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