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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Next Spring Essentials - The Darcie Edition

You know me, I LOVE Next. Their clothes are simply the best for little ones, amazing quality, wash perfectly and are well sized (unlike some of their competitors) they are, above all, my favourite place to get Darcie's gear!

1. What little girls spring wardobe wouldn't be complete without a colourful flowery hoody?! This one is available for £11-£12.

2.Butterfly dress, too cute. Priced at £22-£24.

3. Mint/Blue skinny trousers, perfect and I quite fancy a pair myself! £10-£11.

4.Bunny and Ditsy Print Tops, two pack. Perfect for the transition into spring! £9-£11.

5. Sparkle Cardigan, will go perfectly with the pink chinos! £12-£13.

6. Bee Applique and All-Over Print tops, two pack, £9-£11.

7. Spot plimsoils, so, so cute! £11-£13.

8. Print Chinos, I could totally rock these! £11-£12

9. Another hoody, so bright and colourful! £11-£12

Oh My Days, I'm in love...

Mummy B xoxox



  1. I <3 Next Baby clothes! I've got sooooo much stuff from there for Bean!

    I love the butterfly dress!


  2. I love the Bee t-shirt!!! We're buying all things Bee for baby Bea :)

  3. Oh my this is far too cute a post, look at those shoes xx

  4. I love baby/toddler clothes from Next, so much pretty stuff I shall have to take a trip there for Abi after seeing all these gorgeous bits. The Butterfly dress is beautiful :)


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