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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Darcie 10 Months Old Today

Another month has zoomed by, I can't believe in exactly two months I will have a one year old!!!

So lets go through the updates...

Crawling: Darcie has fully mastered crawling this month, as I said last month, I truly thought she would skip this altogether! Its lovely to see her speeding around exploring different areas.

Walking: This month we saw Darcie take her first independent steps! Tears where secretly had! She still has a long way to go, she LOVES to be on her feet, has done since she was about four months so its really no surprise that she is keen to get walking. For now she is happy holding on one handed and every now and then taking a couple of independent steps :)

Words: This month has been about MAMMA!!! That's all I hear all day long. The only new word we have herd is something which we are pretty sure is "Bird". We were coming out of the car into the house when Darcie looked up to the sky and pointed to lots of birds and went "brrrrris", me and Jamie just looked at each other in shock!

Everything Else: Darcie has started pointing to everything, especially when we read books, its very sweet! Climbing the stairs, apparently, I say apparently because I haven't witnessed it myself! This is something she likes to do at nursery!

Here are some snaps from this afternoon...

Love you my beautiful girl

Mummy B xoxox

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