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Monday, 1 April 2013

Wedding Wants #1

So any spare time that I have I am sat dreaming about mine and Jamie's wedding. I am really hoping to get married next summer, unsure on the location at the moment but I already have so many ideas buzzing around my head. 

Tomorrow I am off with my Mum to look at dresses, and I am just sooo excited. I think that tomorrow will be the start of our big adventure! 

My Inspiration for the day, outside as much as possible, soft lighting, and a very much relaxed event.

Wish me luck

Mummy B xoxox


  1. How exciting :) my advice is choose what you want and know you and Jamie will love...I look back at my wedding and I would change sooo many things, even my dress :( because I was pressured by too many people to choose things I didnt really want. How sad does that sound haha, it was still a great day but have soooo many more ideas nowadays...if only I knew about pintrest 3 years ago. Have fun tommorow xx

    1. Yup, We will try are best! I have a very good idea on how we would like the day to be so finger crossed we can make it come reality! I have got the dress... Can't believe I found one so quickly!! Wish I could post a picture but I know sneaky Hubby to be would take a peek!


  2. what a lovely photo! hope you found the perfect dress!

    xo, Kelsey Belle


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