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Friday, 26 July 2013

Its finally the summer holidays!

Six whole weeks with my Darcie B!! 

This post is two days late as I have already been enjoying the holidays so much! This summer looks to be a busy one, we are desperately trying to get our house into gear and get it how we want it. So yesterday Darcie's new bedroom d├ęcor was ordered and a trip to Ikea will soon take place. After a miss-hap in our hallway, new flooring is also on the list, though I have been told of an amazing sale that is due to take place in September at a local retailer so I am holding off till then on that part of the DIY summer project! 

I'm also planning on spending lots of time with friends and family, days out, trips to the park etc, etc, everything that you could want from a summer holiday. Probably with a huge amount of ice cream thrown in for good measure!

For many the summer holidays may fill them with dread, how to entertain the kids, disruption of routines, added expenses... But Darcie is at such a perfect age, she loves doing anything! She is happy to explore local parks and see the ducks, everything to her is a new adventure. One that I feel privileged that I get to share with her.

Mummy B xoxox


  1. Aww it's so nice to see another mummy who doesn't dread the school holidays!

    My Stacey has been off school all week and today was the first day I'd actually spent any money.

    I hope to do all free stuff for 4 days every week and then have a treat for the other one. Not sure it will work all the time but it's definitely worth a try.

    Are you going to keep us updated with what you're up to? If so, I'll keep my eye out :D

    Louise x

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    1. Yay for the holidays!! Glad you enjoy them too!!! I like your idea, I definitely want to keep costs down, and I really don't think you need to spend lots of money to have an awesome summer! Yes I will be posting most days, so keep your eyes Peeled :) xxx

  2. Looking forward to seeing how Darcie's room turns out and what you'll be getting up to in the holidays :) xx

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