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Monday, 29 July 2013

Naughty Buys

Yesterday my Mum and I took a quick spur of the moment trip to Norwich. Always fatal!

My first stop was the Disney store, I am a sucker for anything Disney and I think Darcie is slowly becoming that way inclined too (naughty mummy!)! So when Darcie locked eyes with Sophia the First, her eyes immediately lit up and I knew there was no way of leaving the store without it (going to have to nip that little trick in the bud otherwise I am soon going to be broke!). It is now always at her side for the majority of the day!

Next was Boots. I could spend hours and hours browsing the make-up but I knew Mum would not tolerate that, so I went over to the Soap & Glory make up section as I have wanted to try some of their make up for ages! I was impressed with their range, and I was drawn to the Sexy Mother Pucker Glossy Stick in the colour Plum Jam, Lidshadow & Linerstick Duo in the colours Velvet Pink and Brownie and the Super Colour Fabu Lip Stick in the colour Guava Rama. I'm not going to jump in here and give my thoughts as I will leave these for a separate post.

My final stop was Accsessorize where I purchased these gorgeous sun glasses!

So there you have it, my mini haul. I do love a little treat every now and then (happens so rarely!)

Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Mummy B xoxox


  1. I love Soap & Glory products, the Sexy Mother Pucker glosses are fab!xx

  2. Aw Sophia the First is so cute, I can't wait for Summer to be in to things like that, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Soap & Glory makeup :) xx

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