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Friday, 12 July 2013

Look what I found in Next...

If you remember as while ago I wrote about wanting to get a Teepee for Darcie's new room (see my post HERE) but all the ones I found were rather pricey. So, as you can imagine, when the new Next Autumn/Winter  catalogue was on my door step I got VERY excited when I saw this!

This beautiful play tent is in the Teepee style and the colours are perfect for her room. I was even more happy when I saw the price, £35! A massive saving compared the ones in my other post! They also do a wonderful version for boys too. 

I can just picture this in her new room with her and her Daddy sat in there reading books.

Happy Friday everyone.

Mummy B xoxox



  1. Oh whoa this is gorgeous! My little lady is only 3 months but I'd be tempted to buy this for the future!! Just writing a blog post about her little outfits and Next features heavily, love their stuff!
    Following you!
    Sarah xx

    1. I love everything in Next, I finding it hard not to order everything that is in my bag at the moment! xxxx

  2. Love this! £35 is an absolute bargain! Great find, thanks for sharing :) xx

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