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Monday, 16 September 2013

Transitioning from cot to bed

Deciding that the time is right to make the move from cot to bed, is never an easy one. We decided to do it around six weeks ago and I am so glad we did.

Darcie is only 15 months. Yes, 15 months and she is in a bed. Am I crazy?? Some people think so. Well indirectly, saying how they want their toddlers safe in a cot out of harms way.

Well... finding your child almost about to fall out of a cot head first is pretty scary! So with that scary episode and the fact that we already had a bed and were moving her into the bigger of our spare rooms (find out more about that in THIS post), we decided to take the plunge.

This bed was given to us my mother & father-in-law and is by Mothercare. Its fantastic, low to the ground and has a guard rail to help them stay in bed. For extra piece of mind I put Darice's mattress from her cot underneath her bed so at night I could just pull it out and if she was to fall, this would cushion her landing.

On her first night she slept like a log! We did nothing different with her routine, she was already used to a duvet and pillow, the only difference was she was in a bed.

The following night however it took her ages to settle, but we put that down to teething. Now, about six weeks on, she has been excellent!! She has never fallen out of her bed, we have had a couple of visits in the night from her (which was actually very sweet), but on the whole if she does wake up she stays put  and we pop her music on and then she self soothes.

I don't really have any tips as such to share, but wanted to share our experience with you guys. If anyone is considering making the move, trust your instincts, only you can really know whether your child is ready. I'm glad we did as she is a LOT more happier in a bed than a cot!

Mummy B xoxox

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