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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wedding Series: Cake Inspiration

This weekend I have been thinking lots about our big day,with under 11 months to go I'm feeling the need to get more things finalised. 

One of part of this is the cake. I have been thinking for some time how I want something a little bit different to your traditional wedding cake. I toyed with the idea of cupcakes but feel like this something that is becoming the norm, plus I don't really like how the cupcakes look when on a cake stand. It doesn't look special enough to me. 

So whilst doing what I do best, pinning away on Pinterest, I came across something I had seen before but not really considered. Naked wedding cakes.

These wedding cakes are usually in the traditional tiered style but have no icing. They are usually dusted with icing sugar and decorated with fruit and/or flowers.

Here are a couple that I am loving...

This one is very classy, love the flowers. It has an elegant feel without being over the top.

I LOVE this one, full of chocolate sponge yummy!! This one will appeal to Jamie's sweet tooth too! So simple.

This one is very similar to the first one but I like the messy kind of look to it, its very rustic and will go well with the Barn style wedding that we are having.

Another thing I love about this style of cake is that it could be a good DIY option. No need to worry about fiddly icing and decorating.

What do you think about these naked style wedding cakes? I feel they might be a love hate thing for some people!

All picture sources can be found HERE on my wedding Pinterest board.
Mummy B xoxox


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