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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dude where's my car?

Yesterday was a rather traumatic day. Our car, along with Darcie's car seat and Quinny pushchair got stolen.

I woke up at 6am on Friday, rolled out of bed and peeped out of our bedroom blinds. Our car had gone. I quickly alerted Jamie that our car had been stolen, he didn't believe me. In his sleepy state he also rolled out of bed and peered out of the blinds, but unfortunately I was right, the car had gone. Jamie quickly ran down stairs, our first fear was that we had been broken into, or stupidly gone to bed without locking our doors. Luckily we hadn't left the doors unlocked, and everywhere was in tack. No brake in. Jamie quickly called the police and notified our insurance company of our missing car. I was in a state. Who on earth would steal a bright yellow car, that is quite clearly a family car. Soon my tears turned to anger, I wanted who ever had taken our car to get caught out and brought to justice. I rang work, telling them that I was unsure when the police would arrive, and that I would not be in until around lunchtime. Sorted. Now it was time to wait for the police. 

Whilst we were waiting I posted on my personal Facebook page what had happened, everyone was in shock. Shock because we wondered how on earth they had manage to steal the car, we had both sets of keys, the car had an immobiliser, alarm and steering lock and there was no sign of a smashed window. This looked like someone clearly knew what they were doing. 

At 8.30am the police arrived, a friend of Jamie's (he works in the police) so it was a friendly face for him. He then began to ask us about last nights events, when we had last seen the car. Jamie told him how we went to Tesco's, got a food shop and then came back and that was the last time we saw it, about 6ish. I then started to think 6ish? No that's not right. We had gone to Tesco straight after I finished work so would of got back home at 4.30pm. Then Jamie looked at me and he started to go red.

"I went back to Tesco's, remember? I got cash then came back..... And went to the hairdressers". Said Jamie. "So could the car be at the hairdressers?" The police officer asked. "No, the hairdressers is only over the road, you wouldn't of parked there and then walked across the road home, would you?" I asked Jamie. "Urrrr..... Maybe....".

A red faced Jamie and the officer walked the 30 second walk to the hairdressers. And indeed that is where our car was safely parked.

Lesson learnt. Always retrace your steps (coming from a couple who both have a policing degree.....!).

Safe to say we won't be living this down for a very, very, very long time.

(Picture at the top of the page is curtsy of my dear friend Jo, who took it upon herself to decorate the staff room with missing car posters...!) 

Mummy B xoxox

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