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Friday, 15 November 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero

I was recently contacted by Thorntons and asked if I would like the opportunity to get involved with Thorntons Christmas Hero. It is a bit like playing secret Santa, where you have the chance to gift a box of Thorntons chocolates to someone you think really deserves them. I spoke with Jamie about this and we thought who would really appreciate this and someone who often does not get much true thanks. We decided upon Darcie's key worker at her nursery, Becky. 

Ickle Darcie the day before her trial run

As a mum, it was incredibly hard when the time came to go back to work. I needed to go back earlier than planed due to finances, and simply wasn't ready for this transition. Many people may think it's ridiculous to stress over this, especially when you know you were going to go back to work, but it's a reality of being a working mum. I sobbed, even got my dad round when I was on my own and had spent the afternoon trying to come to terms with this reality and he tried to make me feel at ease. But the only person that really did make me feel at ease was Becky. The whole processes of Darcie starting nursery was actually not stressful at all. She had a trail run where Jamie was allowed to go with her (I felt that I couldn't go) to make the transition easier, and she loved it! She then had another trial run where she spent the morning there and again she loved it!! That first day she spent the whole day there was a breeze, she was not fazed at all by nursery, we have never had any tears when leaving her and she has always been happy when we picked her up. 

If that transition and friendly and caring nature hadn't been there I think the whole processes would of been awful. It's lovely to know that your child is going to a place she feels safe and happy. She now kisses Becky goodbye too!!! 

So to us Becky (and all the staff) is our hero, she made a difficult situation so so much easier and has constantly been there for Darcie, and us as a family. Becky, I hope you enjoy the goodies!! And thank you again for all the work you do.

Who would you nominate?? Thorntons do some really lovely hampers which would be perfect presents for Christmas and are very reasonably priced. 

Mummy B xoxox


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