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Monday, 6 January 2014

Little d Update

Tomorrow I go back to work and I have spent all day just observing Darcie and thinking "where has my little girl gone?". 

She is so grown up its unreal. Her vocabulary grows daily, this evening after bathing her she said "mumma, mumma happy, haaappy" so I said "Are you happy Darcie?", her reply "yes" and then gave me a kiss! My heart almost burst.

What I have noticed these past couple of weeks is her imaginative play, she talks to her toys daily. For example this afternoon she was playing with Lamby (from Doc McStuffins) and a book and she kept saying "come on Lamby, lap" then patting her lap. She wanted Lamby to sit on her lap so she could read her a book. But Lamby was being awkward this evening and wouldn't play along, so Darcie sat on Lamby's lap instead...

Love my growing girl lots.

Mummy B xoxox

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