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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wedding Update - General Chit Chat

It's now 2014 which means I can now say that I am getting married THIS year! I will officially be Mummy B!  

Just before Christmas we met with the owners of our venue to go over our plans and to make sure we're on track. Safe to say we have been a little bit slack. So it was the kick up the butt we needed to get ourselves organised.

From that meeting we have found our florist, who is a lovely local lady who I have really warmed to. She understood exactly what I wanted and was able to give me all the necessary advice needed to make my vision come true. I shared with her my inspiration pictures (see more on that in THIS post) and she has pretty much made this a reality!

We have also found someone to make our 'Naked' wedding cake. Rachel made Darcie's birthday cake and when I sent her some pictures of what we were looking for, she was completely on board! 

Around Christmas we also picked up our bespoke wedding rings and I have to say I am so so pleased with them. I was very nervous as to how they would turn out - but they are beyond my expectation! 

We have been let down by a band, and so we are looking for a replacement at the moment - this is something we are really struggling with at present. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

In the next month or so I am hoping to get the bridesmaid dresses sorted. We have already been out trying some on but haven't found anything that is just right yet. 

I feel like it is all coming together. Slowly. But surely.

Mummy B xoxox 

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