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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Play Day

This weekend has been nothing special, just the weekend at home enjoying one another's company now we are back into our 'work' routine. Today, Jamie had to go to work so me and Darcie spent the day playing. We had visitors from my friend and her children - which Darcie LOVED, and this afternoon we continued having fun with an afternoon filled with play.

 We are currently going through a stage where Darcie will not nap. I feel she is waaay too young to be giving up her naps, but on the odd occasion where she does nap, it then leads to us battling with bedtime till 10pm. So I'm guessing she is ready. It does mean come 3-4pm she starts to get a bit grouchy. Que lots of distraction with toys!

Happy Land, is a firm favourite in our household. She got quite a few bits for Christmas this year which keeps her nicely entertained for a long time.

Next, was "baby" time. It's fair to say Darcie is going to make a fantastic big sister, she is so curious around babies and has a natural tendency to mother!

Then came a big moment for me. Darcie has decided to stop calling me "Mamma", which I absolutely love, and has started calling me "Mummy". I'm actually devastated. Silly I know, but my baby is just slipping through my fingers and turning into a toddler. *sobs*

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Mummy B xoxox

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