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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Green People Facial Oil & Serum

I have found my skin savior and I am one happy bunny. I have found it in the form of a facial oil and serum from the wonderful company, Green People. I am a BIG fan of their skin care range for children and babies so really wanted to try some of their other products. 

As a part of their Mothers day campaign Charlotte Vohtz, founder of Green People, wanted to share her skin favourites from one mother to another. I was very kindly sent the Hydrating Firming Serum and the Anti-Aging Facial Oil. You simply pop a drop of each into your hands, warm and pat onto skin to apply. It is utterly amazing. It firms, hydrates and completely illuminates my skin. It is also doing wonders for my very tired eyes. Whats-more they can be used as makeup primers! I love a multi-purpose product! These products, as with all Green People's products are full of natural and organic ingredients. For more info be sure to check out their site.

These retail at £13.95 for the Hydrating Firming Serum and £16.95 for the Anti-Aging Facial Oil.

I have been so impressed with these I forced my own mum to try these out, so one evening I let her have a little test. She was so amazed with the results that she is going to order some for herself, they seem to be perfect for any age group!

I would definitely recommend these to all my wonderful mummy friends. Make sure you treat yourself (and your skin) this Mother's Day.

Mummy B xoxox

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