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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Reflective Sunday

This week I have been loving so many things, I thought I would share with you my reflective thoughts...

I have been loving how Darcie and Lady have been interacting with each other this week, they have been so playful! Darcie went through a faze where she was constantly telling her off, but this week she is all about the love!!

Speaking of love, its not just Lady who has been receiving lots of attention from Darcie, she has been very affectionate towards everyone lately. Full of cuddles and kisses, she even said "I love you mummy" tonight. I'm sure its because I have gone back to work so she is a little clingy, but I'm secretly loving it!

Its all about blues and braids for me at the moment! I LOVE this skirt from NEXT, I think its going to be a staple for me this summer. I have also been having a little fun with my hair.

I have found a couple of bargains this week, including this lovely kitchen scale, it was £3.50 from Morrisons! I also happened to purchase Darcie's bridesmaid dress which had 70% off in a mid season sale!! I was so chuffed as I was going to purchase it when it was full price so it was such a lovely surprise!

I have also been organising our house a little more. I created a little play space for Darcie and have been thinking of ways we can improve our house (more on that in another post), I feel like im nesting again (no no, don't get your hopes up people!)!

One last thing that has been occupying my mind a lot this week, is this little miracle, baby Stanley. Chloe, my bestest and oldest friend has had a very scary pregnancy and this little fighter, though born 10 weeks early proved that you can beat all the odds against you. Born on Easter Sunday, weighing no more than 3lb is now even breathing without oxygen! I finally got to meet him today and he is absolutely perfect.

Hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Mummy B xoxox

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