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Friday, 30 May 2014

2nd Birthday Preparations

Darcie will be two on Monday and I can't believe how quickly it has come around!! Last year we threw a big party for family and friends, but this year we fancied doing something a little different. Bewilderwood has been a place I have wanted to take Darcie ever since she was born and now she is at the age where she can enjoy it we decided to make a trip. It looks so much fun and to be honest I think we will all enjoy it too! I can't wait to see her making her own little adventures in the woods discovering all the characters there! 

For her special gift, this year we decided to really work on her play area in our living room, making it an inviting and creative place to play. Take a look at this sneak peek I posted on Instagram...

I'm still playing around with the layout and organisation but I'm really pleased with how its turning out! We got her the Ikea kitchen which we will give her on Sunday morning along with the rest of her presents. I feel a little bit funny about giving them to her early but she won't get anytime on Monday to open them! 

As always I'm looking forward to documenting her special day and sharing it with you. Be sure to check back soon with a full post on her new play area, please also leave me your play area posts bellow too!

Mummy B xoxox

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