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Monday, 2 June 2014

Darcie's 2 Years Old Today!

My baby is two years old today! I say it all the time, but having children really does make time fly!!

Darcie has made me feel incredibly lucky these past two years, I'm so proud of how she has become a confident, caring and a so very loving little girl. She teaches me and Jamie to be a little more patient and shows us the world from such a magical point of view. Everyday I'm so very grateful for all that we have and all the happiness she give us. 

Happy 2nd Birthday my wonderful bubba, we love you lots and lots and loads and loads.

Mummy & Daddy xoxox

P.S More of Darcie's birthday will be posted tomorrow, along with  some more very exciting posts! Life has been 100 mph at the moment!!! x

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