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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ickworth House with The National Trust

Ickworth House Review

We were very kindly sent a family ticket to explore a National Trust site, we decided upon Ickworth House as it was a place relatively close to us but we had never gone to visit. When we arrived the staff made us feel very welcome, as it was raining and Darcie was walking veeery slowly, one of the staff offered to give us a ride on the small shuttle bus up to the house. When we approached I couldn't help but feel I was being transported back in time, like a character from Jane Austen - just with a toddler attached to my leg. 

We arrived just as a tour of the basement had started, so the lovely staff took our bags and brought us up to speed. I have to admit, the tour was my favourite part. It was fantastic to see the volunteers share their knowledge and love of the history. It was so fascinating to see how a house of that size used to function - I can barely manage my own modern three bed!

Ickworth House Review

The National Trust have restored the basement so beautifully, I was very envious of the kitchen! 

Ickworth House Review

For children, the basement was perfect. They can play a song on the servants piano, handle the kitchen equipment and even play a game of "I spy" with the National Trusts's well thought out activity sheets. Its perfect for getting them excited about history.

After this, we were a little peckish. We were going to bring a picnic, but one, we were very disorganised and two, the weather wasn't in our favour anyway! Luckily they have a superb restaurant, we can highly recommend the pate! 

It was then time burn off some calories and explore the grounds!

Ickworth House with a toddler

ickworth house review

ickworth review

Darcie loved to have the freedom of running around! We saw many families who were lapping up the grounds, either in their wellies or on their bikes - I'm thinking this would be the perfect setting for learner cyclists! 

Before we headed into the house to take another tour, Darcie spotted some children's activities that were available - perfect for them to get involved!

children activities at Ickworth house

Then it was time for a walk around the house, this part is not so good for tiny tots and unfortunately we didn't get to see everything. 

That being said, I think Darcie was in awe with much of what she saw. She kept saying "oh don't touch it!" - at least that sank in! 

We had an absolutely fantastic day, and we were very grateful to all the help that was offered from the staff and how they engaged with Darcie - we were blown away to be honest!

Thank you very much the National Trust, we can't wait to come back, next time with our wellies on so we can tick some more things off our "50 things" to do list (find out more HERE)!

What's your favourite National Trust Site?

Mummy B xoxox

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