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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Toddler Room // Update

pink and blue girls room

Last week I decided to have a little move around of Darcie's room and update a few things, what a bad blogger I would be if I didn't share it with you?!

There is no real drastic changes about her room, but it feels a little bit more like her room. Me and Jamie decided to move our bedside cabinets out of our room, and we put one in her room. It now holds some books and a beautiful photo frame that we got for the wedding, just waiting to pop a photo of her and her friends in there! Both pieces of furniture pictured above are from Ikea. 

On top of her chest of draws we have some more wedding momentoes, 

bridesmaid dress and flower crown

Pen storage

wedding wands

I think its nice to have these things in her room, to help her remember these special occasions in her life. Plus they look super cute! 

blue and pink toddler room

Her bed is the same, you may remember that we decided to put Darcie into a toddler bed when she was just over one. 

ikea spice rack as shelves

Next is her "busy" corner! Her white toy box is from Next, but we are using it to store her old baby toys for when we are blessed with another baby. So on top we have popped a couple of Ikea Spice Racks and put a few of her favourite books in.

book corner toddlers room

You may by wondering why we haven't attached these to the wall... Well we did manage to hang two of them, but our walls are so paper thin, it was a bit of a mission!

ikea spice rack hacks

I'm still pleased with how they look though!

More wedding momentoes! These little cards are pictures from our Engagement shoot, and Liz Bishop our photographer, placed these around the tables at the wedding - it was such a nice touch! So we kept a few and put some in her room.

What I have loved about moving her room around, is the amount of space we have now created. She is spending more time in there now, especially in the mornings, happily playing away.

If you want to see how it looked originally, click HERE. Are you happy with your child's room or are you thinking of adding some changes?

Mummy B xoxox

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