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Thursday, 25 September 2014

I turn 26 tomorrow...

Tomorrow I turn 26.

I haven't really welcomed this birthday. It marks the end of my early twenties and I often find myself thinking, how did this happen so blinking quick? The last 6 years have been a bit of a blur, from graduating from University, entering a career in education, completing another degree, buying a house, getting our doggy Lady, becoming a mum to the most amazing and beautiful little girl (inside and out) and then finally becoming a wife to my partner Jamie. Even though I have achieved so much, it does scare me that all these huge life moments have come and gone. A little part of me thinks well what’s next?

Whatever the future brings, I know we will embrace all the ups and downs that we will inevitably encounter. We would love to be able to give Darcie a baby brother or sister, we would like to organise the house or even perhaps move to a slighter bigger house - who knows what the future may bring. What I do know is, that we will continue to work together as a family working towards our goals and creating our own little adventures. Turning 26, in fact just generally getting older, doesn’t change anything. Age is just a number and shouldn't define us or stop us from achieving any dream or goal. 

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, with Darcie being slightly more switched on and she clearly knows what tomorrow is. She has already told me that she and Daddy have got me a card, dinosaur wrapping paper and a birthday cake. Oh lets not forget to mention, she is now pretty awesome at the Happy Birthday song! Surprisingly she has kept my present under wraps! 

So here I say goodbye to 25 and I will welcome 26 with, umm, embracing arms!

Mummy B xoxox

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