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Monday, 22 September 2014

Things That Make Me Happy

The little milestones 
Now Darcie is two the milestones seem to have slowed down, however there are two more recently that I'm ever so proud of. Firstly she is now able to go to bed all by herself. You maybe thinking why is this such a happy "thing"? Darcie has spent her entire life reliant upon us helping her to soothe herself to sleep. It's something I hadn't hoped to do, but it just became one of those things. This last month we have seemingly turned a corner and now experience relatively stress free bedtimes (hurrah!). The second little milestone is that Darcie is making more of an attempt with potty training. She regularly asks to go to the toilet (she hates her potty) and most of the time actually does go! I don't feel we are at the stage to try knickers, but we are definitely getting there now!

The colder evenings
You may think I'm mad, but I adore autumn and winter. I love everything about it, including the cold! I love to snuggle up, drinking hot drinks, watching a tv series (usually in one go!), wrapping up and going for walks. I literally can't think of many things I dislike - even the rain I love!

Our home is getting more and more homely. It feels like we have grown into the home now! I remember when we first bought the house back in 2011, for the first year it was so bare. We were fresh out of university, in actual grown up jobs, using deck chairs as a sofa until they were delivered! But now, I look around and it is filled with happy memories. In fact sometimes I think it won't be long before we have outgrown the house.

Of course my family make me happy, but sometimes I just forget how flipping amazing they all are. We are so fortunate that if ever we need advise or someone to turn to, they are always there, it what ever capacity they can be. Of course my Husband (just being able to say Husband makes me extremely happy!) makes me happy on a daily basis. One evening last week, I had a particularly long and tiering day at work, he did the food shop, made dinner, ran me a bath (and left towels, pj's all ready for me). To be honest he does these things on a regular basis, but as they say, its the little things that make you smile. Not forgetting Darcie, with her rapid broadening vocabulary, it has been wonderful to be able to have conversations and share secret jokes with each other.

What makes you happy at the moment?

Mummy B xoxox

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