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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Not so autumnal walk & autumn activity

Autumnal toddler activities leaf rubbings

This morning I messaged my Mum asking her if she fancied a nice autumnal walk through the forest - except it actually turned out to be blooming beautiful! The sun was shining, and feeling very warm whilst we walked, so warm we needed an ice-cream! The aim of our walk was to collect some foliage, leaves and flowers for an autumnal activity. Hopefully we can use them for another activity for later on in the week too!

So anyway, back to the walk... We popped to Knettishall Heath, our local forest walk and decided to do the Heathland walk - its was 2.5 miles long and Darcie virtually walked it all!

We spent sometime taking some photographs, letting lady and Darcie explore nature . We even stumbled across some grazing ponies and a hungry caterpillar!

Some of the photo's we tried out included this one of Darcie and my mum. Last year we took a similar one in the exact same spot...

Can't believe how much Darcie has changed - time goes by way too quickly as a parent. I'm sure my mum would agree, in fact I think all mum's would agree time goes too quickly when you have little ones.

My mum also managed to take this beautiful picture...

I think its hilarious! Darcie looks so grumpy - but I'm having a hoot! hehe!

So, once our lovely walk was over and we had collected a bag of leaves, we headed home to create some art!

 Unfortunately, someone was a little too tired to get too into the arts & crafts. But we managed to do some leaf rubbings...

Like I said, we are hoping to do some more artwork using autumnal  leaves maybe even some printing using leaves. For now, we will stick with our pretty leaf rubbings.

How have you spent your Sunday? I'm now off to relax and help my mother set up her own blog!

Mummy B xoxox

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