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Monday, 6 October 2014

Baby Loss Awareness Week 9th-15th October

During the 9th to the 15th October 2014 is Baby Loss Awareness week, where throughout the week bereaved parents, family members and friends can commemorate the loss of those who where taken too soon - knowing that other families elsewhere in the world will be doing the same. Baby loss, unfortunately, is so very common. There are are around 4,000 stillbirths every year in the UK and 1 in every 200 births ends in a stillbirth. Eleven babies are stillborn everyday in the UK, eleven couples going home with empty arms and a hole in their hearts that can never be replaced. It’s hard to believe that this is still a common occurrence, how can we lose that many babies before they are even given a chance in life? This doesn't even include miscarriage figures, in 2012-2013 39,000 miscarriages that resulted in a hospital stay were recorded - this doesn't include those “missed” miscarriges either. 

So, on the 15th of October, I will be lighting a candle at 7pm and taking part in ‘Wave of Light’ to honour those babies who never got the chance to take their first breath, steps and words. To think of those parents who long to be with their children or who didn’t even get the chance to meet them. When I look at my own daughter I find it so hard to comprehend the pain they must feel and how brave they are to carry on. I know many of you will find this a difficult topic, and I know many, too many, who deal with this loss on a daily basis and I hope that you can find comfort in the knowledge that people are coming together think of you and remember those who were taken too soon.

You can find our more about Baby Loss Awareness week HERE or purchase a Baby Loss Awareness pin to show your support HERE.

Mummy B xoxox


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