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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dream Bathroom

Bathroom ideas

Bath's are my escape time, relaxing in a sea of bubbles whilst watching the latest episode of a TV series I'm following or a reading a good book, is definitely my favourite kind of 'me' time. Our bathroom is fine, but we haven't done anything to it since we brought the house. The house was brand new when we bought the it, so really it doesn't need anything doing to it - but we would love to decorate it just to put our stamp on it. One thing we do need to buy is a new bath panel as our's cracked. Whoops.

Another 'problem' with our little home, as its a new build, so there is very little storage space (when will property developers take into consideration homeowners 'stuff'?!). So I would ideally love some great and simple (and definitely not budget busting) storage ideas. Over on Pinterest I have been busy pinning away some fab ideas for the bathroom, you can find the individual pins to this post HERE.

As you can see there is quite an eclectic mix of storage ideas. I'm loving how these seem fairly simple, and not budget busting at all. For colour and general theme, I'm really loving grey, white and only what I can describe as driftwood styled wood.

To get the bathroom just how we would like it, will probably be a slow project. But I will be on the hunt for the perfect items to make it just how we want it, and searching out for some quirky items to use as cleaver storage solutions. 

Do you have any upcoming projects at home?

Mummy B xoxox

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