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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Santa Fun Run

This morning Jamie participated in a Santa Fun Run which was 10k in total, to raise money for the special baby care unit at Norfolk & Norwich hospital. It was a family affair as my step mum was participating too and my Dad marshalling. The event was aimed for people of all ages, with a 3k running as well for ammeter (I should of had a go really...) runners or children - the whole event was well organised (by Mick Glynn (MG Fitness Studio)) and had a fantastic atmosphere!

The run was set in the beautiful norfolk countryside, starting and finishing at Thorpe Forest Park. This was the ideal venue, with a lovely cafe & facilities for runners and spectators and though the day may have been exceptionally cold and wet, we had lots of fun exploring the forest, watching the runners and drinking hot chocolate in the cafe. Lets face it, a hot chocolate can make any dreary day!

The perfect Sunday, though Jamie may say different!

Hope you have all had an amazing weekend.

Mummy B xoxox

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