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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Best Friends {The Ordinary Moments 15}

There is something so special when you see your child have a bond with another little person or two. Today we attended Darcie's "best friend's" birthday party and in the days leading up to this it has been clear to see that she really does treasure this little friend. 

 Playing in her room the other morning (whilst I was having a sneaky bath), I overheard her talking to her toys. She was telling them all about how she was going to her best friends, Lilly's, party and saying "This is what I'm going to wear, isn't it lovely? I think Lilly will like it too". Gahh, it was just the sweetest thing hearing her sweet little voice talking like that. 

This morning we went to pick out her present (yes I'm so flipping organised leaving it till the last min!), it was just me and her taking a little stroll around the shopping centre and whilst we were waiting for the shops to open she started to tell me exactly what she wanted to buy for her friend. She told me that she knew she would want a handbag and that this was a brilliant "plan". As this was her best friend, I had to agree, I mean she must know best! 

So we headed for the Disney store, and Darcie picked up a Disney Princess Handbag and matching activity book. She trotted off to the cashier and asked if she could have them for her friend. After I paid, she insisted she carry the bag all the way back to the car. Once home, she helped me wrap the presents and she wrote in her card. We then headed off to the party.

Once there she made a beeline for her friend, giving her her present who then put it on the gift table. They then trotted off to play together. They were inseparable the entire time along with their other little friend Harry. These three have been friends since they where just a few months old and over the past (almost) three years it has been an absolute pleasure to see them all grow into their own little personalities but to also see that they still happily play together so well.

When the party was over and we headed home, Darcie was a little disheartened that she didn't get to see Lilly open her presents. I told her not to worry and that she would of loved her gift. I could see it was playing on her little mind. Then just before I was about to put Darcie to bed, I got a message from my friend Hayley telling me that Lilly did indeed like her bag and that Darcie knew exactly what she would've liked. So when I tucked her up in bed, I told her what Hayley said her little face lit up. She went to bed one contented and happy little girl.

This kid is just too darn cute and has such a big heart.

Mummy B xoxox

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