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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Gift ideas for our soon-to-be three year old

With the 2nd of June growing ever closer, I have started to think about potential gifts for our three year old. I love buying her bits and pieces, but when I actually sit down to think what she may like I often find myself slightly stumped! Luckily, she has been very vocal about her likes and dislikes.

At the moment, Darcie;s current go-to bed times story is her Katie and the Impressionists. It's a story all about a girl called Katie who goes to the gallery with her Grandma on her Grandma's birthday. The book has beautiful illustrations of famous paintings my artists such as Monet and Renoir. It's a lovely book that opens children up to the world or art. The Katie books have been going for around 25 year, and though I never had any as a child - I think they are brilliant and have fallen in love with the series. Next on our list is Katie in London or Katie in Scotland. Amazon (£5.99)

This may seem like a slightly bizarre gift for a three year old, but she is a determined madame. At bedtime she is now starting to hate to wear PJ's - I'm guessing as it is getting warmer she is finding them a little uncomfortable. So instead, she asks if she can wear dresses to bed. Unfortunately we have never got her a nightie, so I think this is a must for our little, strong minded girl. Next (£12).

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Darcie loves role play. She has started to take an interest in what I do for my day job (teaching) and so often want's to have a go at being a teacher herself. An easel would be the perfect tool for this budding teacher! Ikea (£16).

Sticking with the role play theme, Darcie has taken a liking to picnic's with her toys. This soft picnic hamper would make the perfect addition to her fun. Not on the High Street (£32).

Showing a growing (see what I did there?) interest in gardening, this little watering can and seed set would be the perfect gift for a little one wanting to take ownership of a spot in the garden. Not on the High Street (£16).

Finally, a superhero cape for a super little girl! I can just picture Darcie charging around in this and mimicking superhero poses. Perfect for any kiddaroo... I wonder if they make them in adult sizes....? Not on the High Street (£29).

I hope you have found my picks useful if you have an upcoming little person's birthday. 

Mummy B xoxox

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