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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

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Now we have been told the wonderful news that we are expecting a little boy, my thoughts have immediately turned into "right, lets get organised". One thing which is relatively high on the list is sorting out baby boys nursery. He will be going into Darcie's old nursery (the smaller of our three bedrooms) and it is currently decorated in a fairly girly way, so I think it only fair we give him a proper little space that is his.

We certainly will not be spending a fortune on his room. I would like to keep it fairly minimal so that as he grows into his own personality, his room can too. But this hasn't stopped me from pinning away on Pinterest. One particular image I found, I think some's up the minimal look I would like...

I love the blue/grey hues and splashes of white and yellow, I think these colours also help to open up small spaces as well.  This is a theme that can definitely grow with a baby in which you can add other details to fit with their likes and personality. I have been leaning towards the cloud theme, its so cute and is actually fairly gender neutral but its a theme you can definitely have a lot of fun with! I know I certainly have been whilst looking for bits and bobs for his room!

What's your favourite interior for a baby boy's nursery/room?

Mummy B xoxox


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