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Saturday 9 May 2015

Baby Essentials - Wish List

With Jamie working till later on in the evening that can only mean one thing, I'm browsing baby items online. I remember doing this when pregnant with Darcie and I would spend ages creating lists of items I would need in order to be prepared for when little one arrives. It's fair to say that with Darcie I was very obsessed about getting everything ready straight away, but second time round I have been slightly more relaxed - even if I still enjoy looking around for bits and bobs. 

With this being our second baby we do have quite a few things already, like cot, pushchair, moses basket and a few bath items, and as I'm being quite strict with not going over board I have got a few things that are definitely more of a priority than others. Having babies can be expensive, especially if its your first, you can get so carried away it soon starts to amount up - but this time round I am a little bit more savvy to what we actually need.

uk baby essentials
| Pacca Pod Changing Bag | Mamas & Papas Bouncer | Kiddicare Car Seat | Mamas & Papas Play Mat | BT Baby Monitor |

A car seat is high on my list, I have had such a head ache with car seats that I have decided to buy the Kiddicare 0+ (which is almost identical to the one we had for Darcie, its just a newer version) for £34.99 and then invest in a rear facing chair suitable from 9 months to four years later on. I know you can buy car seat that can be from 0-4 years but I found having a carrier style car seat last time  a lifesaver! 

A changing bag is also pretty high, so I can be all organised ready for our hospital stay (which will probably be for a few days). I really like the Pacca Pod changing bags as they look so organised! I thought this one would be perfect for us as it matches our red pushchair perfectly and it isn't too girly that Jamie will feel silly taking it out! This changing bay is £75 which is on the pricy side but its an item that gets used daily so its worth investing.

Baby monitor is another essential item that we (and I think all parents) wouldn't be without. We already have a baby monitor and its still being used in Darcie's room as she likes the lullabies still! But I found this BT monitor for £69.99 that tells you what temperature the room is, has lullabies and has a light show all in one! Its a great piece of kit as it saves you buying potentially more items.

Baby bouncer or swing is any parents saviour. Darcie adored hers and enabled me to get on with bits and bobs around the house and think with having a baby and three year old and all the household chores we would be silly if we didn't get one! This one is from Mamas & Papas for £49.95.

Last but not least is a play mat, it's not necessarily 100% needed but again, Darcie had one (which was very girly so couldn't use again!) and its something she enjoyed. This one is from Mamas & Papas, £69.95, and is lovely and bright and has a tummy time pillow attachment as well.

What baby essentials could you not be without?

Mummy B xoxox


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