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Friday, 31 July 2015

Activities for Children during the Summer Holidays | #MakeLifeLessBoring

So the Summer Holidays are here and you may be wondering how on earth you can keep them entertained over the six week period? I know when the summer holidays are just around the corner my thoughts immediately go to how I can entertain my three year old. She is pretty much a free spirit and will go along and try anything at least once - which is fantastic but often leads to her getting bored at times. Thankfully there is so much you can do these days with little ones and to fit all budgets too. 

So here are a few suggestions that I have for you to try and keep everyone happy over the summer months...

1. Swimming

Swimming is such a fantastic activity for little ones, helps them to develop confidence in the water, burns off all that excess energy they all seem to get during the summer holidays, and its relatively cheap! It's something we love to do as a family, especially when they run "fun" sessions with inflatables and toys .

2. Trip to the Zoo

Whilst this is a more expensive option, its doesn't have to be. Quite often during the summer period there are lots of fantastic offers to be had, buy one get one free's, kids go free, etc. So make sure you plan your visit to time in with any current deals. We took Darcie last month and no matter how often you go, it never gets old.

3. Horse Riding 

This is something we have yet to do, but is something that I think my daughter would adore. There are plenty of stables across the country that offer a riding experience for little ones to give them a little taster to horse riding and the care that goes into having a horse. Groupon quite often has fantastic deals in experiences like this, currently they have an hour horse riding experience for £12!

4. Camping

It could be in your very own back garden or one of the countries many, many camping sites. Either way its a fantastic way of spending some quality family time. We are heading to Milton Keynes for a spot of camping this weekend and my three year old is soo excited! It's something she has wanted to do for a while now, so Im happy we've managed to give her a little taster!

This is a little bit of a special treat, especially if you want to go for a couple of days stay, BUT it's one that I really want us to do, maybe next year when I'm not heavily pregnant! I love the sound of the theme park, especially the water park too! I think fun can be had for the entire family, even if you're not a fan of Lego (though who doesn't love Lego?!?!). Perhaps afterwards a trip into central London for some tasty Dinner, which doesn't have to cost the earth thanks to Groupon deals.

Groupon have made it their mission to #MakeLifeLessBoring, and I'm hoping that a few of my suggestions will make your summer holidays a little less boring. To find out more head over to Groupon's Facebook Page for more details.

Mummy B xoxox
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