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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Choosing the right pushchair

When having a baby one of the most important and potentially expensive purchases you will make is a pushchair. The pushchair market is vast and it can be overwhelming as to which one will be the perfect fit for you, for example if you were to take a look into some Baby Gear online, you'll find that you're inundated with selection. This can go for toys, pushchairs, car seats, and many other accessories and essentials. With my second baby only weeks away from arriving we have just decided on the right pushchair for us this time around and so thought it would be good to share with you our own thought process.

1. Travel System?

When buying a pushchair for a new born it is worth considering a travel system. These can include the main pushchair, carrycot plus a car seat. These can be a great way of getting both the car seat and pushchair in one good deal. A lot of brands will often run offers where if you buy the pushchair and carrycot and then get the carseat for free, so it is definitely worth having a look round and seeing what bargains you can pick up. If you use the car a lot a travel system with carseat maybe perfect for you as you can easily transition baby from car to seat without having to disturb their sleep and you know what they say "never wake a sleeping baby!'. However it's also worth mentioning that babies should only be in the car seat for a maximum of two hours - so you will need to have an alternative if you're out for longer periods of time. 

2. Carrycot?

As I have mentioned a carrycot is a part of a travel system, and in my own personal opinion they are worth buying. Babies need to be laid completely flat in the early days, hence why a lot of pushchairs are only suitable from six months so a carrycot allows many pushchairs to be used from birth. We opted for a carrycot this time round as we found it great for Darcie when she was small. The only difference is this time our carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping which is perfect if you're away for the weekend! 

3. A Double?

If this is not your first baby you may be wondering whether you need a double pushchair or not, especially if they're close in age. Darcie still occasionally goes in the pushchair on very long walks, but we most definitely do not need a double. I am considering getting a buggy board which can attach to the pushchair so when Darcie does tire she can hop on for a bit to rest - so it is worth considering this as an option too.

4. Terrain Type?

You may think this is an odd one, but the type of terrain you go on could be another deciding factor when trying to find the perfect pushchair for you. If, like us, your dog owners who like to walk off the beaten track a little, it may be worth purchasing an all terrain pushchair. Alternatively if you are into more city living you may prefer a smaller pushchair, one that folds easily for public transport. 

5. Budget?

Once you have decided what features it will need you should then decide on a budget. Luckily there are pushchairs and travel systems which can fit all budgets from as little as £100 all the way up into £1,500+. You may also want to think about payment plans too, with many stores offering this option. I would always tend to go to the top end of your budget in order to get good quality, if you're thinking of having more children it may be worth investing in order for it to last through to perhaps multiple children. 

I am due to receive my new pushchair this afternoon and I'm super excited! I will let you know how I get one once baby is here. How did you decide on your pushchair?

Mummy B xoxox

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