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Friday, 24 July 2015

Baby Boy's Nursery Plus Giveaway!

Today I finally get to reveal the progress we are making with Baby Boy's room, it's certainly not finished yet but it is basically near enough there now. As you may remember from my plans, I was looking for a grey & white cloud theme and have stuck with that as I just couldn't get it out of my head. Baby's room is pretty small, which made choosing furniture difficult whilst still trying to remain practical. For now I think the space works well, but when he becomes older we may struggle for space - hopefully we will be able to buy a bigger place before that! Anyway, lets get going...

As you can gage from this picture, this room is tiny! But luckily everything just about fits perfectly so I'm pretty happy given the amount of space we have. This time round I even managed to fit a chair in which I didn't with Darcie! The Moses basket is also being homed in there until his arrival as our own room is pretty small (love modern day houses!). We are using Darcie's old cot, which is in fab condition as she was only in there until she turned one and then she went straight into a bed, so this helped to keep costs down luckily. We have yet to find any bedding as I'm holding out for the perfect match to our grey and white cloud theme, if you have seen any, let me know!

So even though the moses basket will be going into our room, I thought I would give it a mention as it was a really good buy. It is from John Lewis and cost £35! We did purchase a different mattress for it for extra comfort, but we were really happy with the price and quality of this one. I really don't see the point is spending £100 on something with will just last a few weeks, its just completely unnecessary. 

As I previously mentioned, I managed to squeeze in a nursing chair! This is something I never had with Darcie and really wished I did, this should make the long nights a little less painful! As you probably already know if you're IKEA fanatic, its one of their iconic chairs, and again cost a grand total of £35! I did look at some purpose built nursing chairs and was again shocked at the price. Yes you want to be comfortable when feeding but I have no doubts that this will be just as comfortable. Plus this one isn't quite hideous looking as some of them!!

Next is another fab IKEA product which will house toys & books (and a lamp shade until its fitted!). I now realise that this in fact upside down so I need to switch it round. Whoops.

Next is this fab chest of draws (again from IKEA), which Darcie has too. The draws are so big you can easily fit everything in, including nappies, wipes, lotions, muslin clothes etc. On top we have place a changing mat, with Darcie we had a dedicated changing table, but we just felt this was a waste of space so decided not to keep it for baby no. 2. I'm hoping this will work just as well!.

The cloud stickers were a pretty good find too. The cloud theme is definitly "in" at the moment, so it is not too hard to come across them. However, they are so expensive in most places! Luckily I stumbled across some fabulous ones for £7 from this Etsy seller, they were super easy to apply and look wonderful. They really add a calming touch. 

We are now in the process of finalising the room, we have all the basics now, but we want to add some finishing touches to make it a little more personal. We would love some prints, and keepsake items to really bring it all together. We were kindly sent a beautiful clock from Room to Grow which is now sat proudly in baby's room. It's a perfect fit for the room, and is a lovely keepsake too. 

The wonderful people at Room to Grow have offered you lovely lot the chance to win your very own clock for your child's room. Room to Grow stock some marvellous clocks and the winner will be able to choose any from their range. So if you would like to be in with a chance of winning then just follow instructions below! Good Luck!

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Mummy B xoxox

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