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Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Be Best Friends Mummy"

"Be Best friends Mummy" is something that our girl has said to me and my husband on quite a few occasions whilst I have been pregnant. It's safe to say as this pregnancy has gone on, my temper and patience has been a little frayed at times leading to snappy comments to my poor hubby. Hearing my Daughter say these words have made me feel like an awful mummy and wife, as I can see worry on her face if we are ever arguing. She is a determined and happy girl, and always says our family are 'best friends'. 

Whilst we are a very happy family, this pregnancy has definitely taken its toll at times, luckily we both just put my mood swings down to hormones and our "arguments" (if you can even call them that) are pretty short lived. That being said, this comment that Darcie has made on occasions has really made me think. I feel awful that I have made her worry unnecessarily, she is a little bit of a sensitive soul at times. 

Yesterday was a "best friend" kind of day. With Darcie often asking for family cuddles whilst we were out and about. She is such a loving little girl, and I'm wondering if she can sense that baby boy will be making his arrival in around 6 weeks time because she is definitely a lot more sensitive and clingy at times. Anyone else experienced this close to another baby arriving?

We spent the day in Bury St. Edmunds, a place that we all love and often visit. One of our favourite stops is the Abbey Gardens where we like to see beautiful flowers, the avery and of course feed the squirrels! They are such pretty animals and are relatively tame, they like to come and take monkey nuts right out of your hands - much to Darcie's delight!

After a nice run around the gardens we headed off back into town to have lunch at Cafe Rouge. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and Darcie was so well behaved, it was some much needed chill time after all that running around!

After dinner and a stroll around the shops we headed back home for an evening of pj's and films. With Jamie's new job he has been very busy, even when at home, so it was really nice to sit, snuggle and relax. 

So despite my hormonal moments, I can safely say with all my heart that my best friend is indeed my hubby. We do make the best team.

Mummy B xoxox

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