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Thursday, 13 August 2015

35 Week Pregnancy Update

I haven't been very good at updating you all about my pregnancy, but to be honest it would be a boring read if I did them weekly because week to week not a lot really changes. However, my last update was at 28 weeks so I thought it was time to give you another!

I am now 35+3 weeks pregnant, and it's safe to say things are getting a bit interesting now. If you have been a follower for a long time you will know that with Darcie I had raised blood pressure which resulted in reduced waters and being induced early which resulted in an emergency c-section. This time round my blood pressure has near enough behaved itself but in the last couple of weeks it has started to rise. So my Midwife asked to see me weekly, and then she discovered some protein in my urine, and decided to see me the next day. The next day (Tuesday) she came and my blood pressure had risen again so she sent me off to Triage at the delivery suite!

It was a long wait and we didn't get home till midnight but luckily everything was fine. It did bring back a lot of memories from Darcie's induction day as we were in the next room to where that took place! We found the experience quite comical, maybe that was the nerves. But when I was hooked up to the monitor I started having quite strong Braxton Hicks, it amazed Jamie as we could see the 'contractions' on the monitor and I think made him realise just how uncomfortable I have been. 

As well as this little bit of excitement we discovered baby is back to back, which would explain why I'm having a lot of back pain and sciatic nerve issues. He is also fully engaged, but both these things are irrelevant due to the fact that I'm having an elective section anyway. I'm now having to see my midwife more regularly, around three times a week for BP checks and fingers crossed it doesn't go any higher else there will be more trips to the hospital. I have my final consultant appointment on Monday for a final growth scan, hopefully that will be fine also and baby is continuing to be a good size. 

I hope this has explained why I have been a little quite on here and social media, but I guess as its now only 3.5 weeks till section day this is going to happen! 

Mummy B xoxox

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