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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Food inspiration

With the world of social media, internet and YouTube there is very little excuse for not having enough inspiration for meals. Despite this sweeping statement, there are times where I feel my cooking gets a little boring and the same meals seem to be on repeat. 

I'm not the best cook, but I do love to experiment in the kitchen and try new recipes on my family. One area I really want to improve on is "clean eating" and improving our diet. Especially as I will be wanting to lose the baby weight soon. So where do I turn when I feel like I'm in a rut in the kitchen?

 Pinterest is normally a good place to find some inspiration. I pin a lot of recipes that I would like to try, but I do find they are heavily American and do not translate brilliantly to UK cooking. I especially look for most of my slow cooker recipes here.


 I love watching vlogs and have done for a fair few years. One of my favourite vloggers, Jessica Beautician, who also happened to do my wedding makeup, is a massive foodie. Her cooking always inspires me and she always seems to be able to rustle up something from nothing. Something which I am terrible for. She also makes her own oat milk etc which I never realised was so easy to make!! Will definitely be doing that instead of paying a silly amount for a bit of milk! She is also really into clean eating and is a vegan so it's been really interesting watching her journey with food within her vlogs. I always look forward to her videos, mainly due to the food segments where she will shares a lot of her recipes but she happens to now live in Turkey so its amazing to see a different and very beautiful part of the world. Another You-tuber I love is Hastes Kitchen,  'clean eating made simple'. His short cooking videos are perfect for quick watching and gaining great inspiration from. I love cooking and watching him cook at the same time... I often then end up making notes on what to try next! 

Saturday Kitchen 

 Anyone else love this programme?! There is nothing I love more if we're having a lazy Saturday is switching this programme on. In fact I love most cooking programs as whilst they are inspiring, they completely relax me!! Nothing like a bit of food therapy! 


I follow a lot of accounts, and I love it when people share their food with us - especially when it comes to eating more healthily. There isn't a particular account I favour as I know we all love to add the foodie shot every now and then!


One of my best chums, Steph has an amazing blog, Daydreaming on a Dime, where she reviews so many amazing food spots. Her photography is gorgeous and I always seem to get so many ideas from her posts. Another blog I love is Hello Gemma, Gemma blogs about beauty, health, fashion and lifestyle and it's an absolutely stunning blog. Her food posts are always great for those health conscious folks that I aspire to be (lol)!

I would love to know where you find your food inspiration, leave your suggestions below!

Mummy B xoxox


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